Sunday, May 10, 2009


I just can't do it anymore.

If this team cannot find it within themselves to play hard, play with fire, play with passion, play with hunger, and just go out there and look like they actually care, why should i devote 10-15 minutes after every game to update this?

As I write this, we are going down like flies against some Japanese no-name. Nobody on the team is putting together good AB's consistently. Nobody.

The pitching staff sucks. The starters consistently put the team in a hole, and the bullpen is like gasoline to a fire.

Our moron manager Joe Retardi is a joke. The Yankees are unprepared half the time. From errors, to base running mistakes, to getting picked off, to throwing to the wrong base, etc. Never mind his ridiculous managing of the pitching staff.

This team just sucks. They don't deserve my time. Or yours.

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Drew Sarver said...

Shut down a little earlier there.